The fastest pinewood derby cars in the USA

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby taken to the next level. Join us monthly for the racing action. Come race live or send your cars in to race by proxy.

2020 Winter Series April 18th Race Begins In:








BASX Track Record

DerbyDad4Hire 2.9348

PRO Track Record

358T Racing 2.9106

Unlimited Track Record

Eastman Racing 2.8469

Pinewood Derby Racing is bringing you a brand new racing venue and experience to test your building skills and add a new level of excitement to pinewood derby racing taking the experience to the next level.  Everyone is invited to test their skills to see just how fast you are compared to other racers around the USA.

Monthly Pinewood Derby Races For Your Enjoyment

Pinewood derby is a blast and we offer you a venue to enjoy the fun every month.  Race your cars against the fastest pinewood derby cars from around the USA.  You can come live or send your car in to be raced by proxy.  The races are broadcast live so you can see the action sitting in the comfort of your own home as if you were there live.

Race For A Series Championship offers a mini series format so you can compete monthly earning points to really test your skills and claim bragging rights as the fastest pinewood derby car builder in the USA!  Each series will only last 3 or 4 months so you can enjoy running one or both depending on how much time you want to spend.

Three Pinewood Derby Classes To Choose From

You have the choice to enter your car into one of our 3 classes or if you want the ultimate challenge then build a car for each of the classes and try and win the overall title as the fastest pinewood derby racer! We run the BASX Class, Pro Class and Unlimited Class which are the most popular pinewood derby car builds.  You can build a new car or use your Cub Scout pinewood derby car.  Each class has varying rules which accommodate most any pinewood derby car built.


Come join us for the pinewood derby racing action!



  1. DerbyDad4Hire 200
  2. Eastman Racing 195
  3. 358 T Racing 183
  4. CamCar Racing 180
  5. Conrad Racing 168


  1. 358 T Racing 200
  2. Cherokee Chuck Racing 195
  3. SoGone Racing 185
  4. DerbyDad4Hire 178
  5. InSuspense Racing 174


  1. Eastman Racing 200
  2. Cherokee Chuck Racing 190
  3. GSO125 Racing 185
  4. SoGone Racing 178
  5. DerbyDad4Hire 174

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